Monday, 17 July 2017

Blog Tour: The Summer of Serendipity


 Eep, happy Monday and I'm rather excited to be starting off this week's blog tour. The weather this past couple of weeks has been glorious and naturally has got me thinking about summer holidays. If you're planning one, I'd ceratinly recommend today's book to keep you company on the plane or by the pool...

Welcome to Ballykiltara; a gem in the midst of the remote Irish countryside and the venue for Ren and Kiki's next business deal. Se(Ren)dipity Parker and her friend Kiki work as property scouts, finding the perfect homes for their clients to buy. Within just a couple of days of arriving in town, it seems as though they might well have found what they are looking for.

The Welcome House, however, has other ideas. Known in local legend as a safe house, where people who need it can go and stay, the cupboards are always stocked with food etc, the girls struggle to find out who to approach about selling the property. Perhaps they'll need to stay in town a little longer than they'd originally thought to uncover some information about the house and it's history.

Peppered with little nuggets of history, Ren's visit to Ireland is filled with chance encounters and a little bit of mystery. But which one of the locals can help her solve it? The writing style throughout this book is lovely and I'd definitely make sure you pack it into your case for any summer trips you might be planning. 

The Summer of Serendipity: Ali McNamara

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