Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Does Yogi Bear like picnics..?

Dress: Lindy Bop (similar here)
Well, I hate to be all British about it but the weather's really given us the run-around the past couple of days. Going from glorious sunshine one minute to a horribly humid rainstorm this morning, I'm not sure whether it will be picnic weather for the outdoor theatre event I'm off to at the weekend after all, but here's hoping...

Picnic Pin: Smile and Make // Hermione Sweater: Joanie Clothing
After umming and ahhing over this picnic sweater on the Joanie Clothing website, I took the plunge last time they had a discount code about and I'm really glad that I did. The embroidery design is lovely, although I wish I'd gone for a size down as it's much more generous that I'd thought. The fabric seems to have a lot of stretch. 

I added my new Smile and Make picnic basket pin to the sweater, although this didn't last long as it was rather warm so I moved it on to my dress. Inspired by one of Lucy's husband's favourite phrases, her new picnic pin is just lovely with amazing attention to detail (as with all of Lucy's items!).

Bag: Accessorize // Shoes: Irregular Choice x Blythe
Speaking of which, I decided this dress would be kinda perfect to match with the picnic theme, what with this quirky print of these lady cyclists out enjoying the sunny weather. I love the contrast of the polka dot bodice and printed skirt; perfect for me who would always rather wear a dress than a skirt and top, although this kinda looks like the latter. Lindy Bop are coming out with some seriously great things, of late!

East glasses*: Scout at Glasses Direct 
Also, a chance to wear some (unusually flat for me - my feet felt a little weird all day!) shoes which rarely ever seem to come off the shelf. It's been years since the Irregular Choice x Blythe collections came out but I'm still sometimes hopeful that I'll manage to track down the few remaining pairs I'm missing (those dice boots evade me). I love the little doll faces and the polka dots and ruffled fronts. 

So, anyone for a picnic? 


  1. What an adorable matchy outfit! I love all the elements of it!
    My feet are the opposite of yours. I tried on a pair of really high heels in Kurt Geiger bit at Debenhams and got instant cramp in my foot because I couldn't cope with the height!!

    1. Isn't it odd how things which are out of the norm can feel so weird..?

  2. This is the loveliest outfit! I love every single thing about it. I still really want the top and dress. I never did manage to get my hands on that picnic basket bag last year, and I'm still so gutted about it. It's amazing. xx

    1. Thank you! It's the kind of thing which might pop up on eBay maybe?