Friday, 14 July 2017

Friday Favourites 252: Yoshi Bags..

FF252 Image
001 // 002 //003 // 004 // 005 // 006

Oh. My. Goodness. I'm doing a little internal squee of excitement, right now. One of my favourite brands for quirky cute handbags has just had a little redesign of their website, so naturally I couldn't resist having a little browse.. 

My goodness, have Yoshi snuck some freaking amazing new designs on there when I wasn't looking. Here are a few which I absolutely adore, but seriously, I found it difficult to narrow it down to just these..!

001: As I admitted on Instagram the other day, I don't really like dogs that much. (Sorry, world.) However, this bag is just amazing. I love the pale mint shade of the background with the lovely dog show design. 

002: The detail of the cityscape underneath these hot air balloons is just amazing. I recently took my Paris city bag to France with me, as you do, and this would be perfect for city break getaways I think. 

003: I think this little guy might be my favourite. I think he's the same size as my best Yoshi bag (this Into the Wild one) and since I seem to be living by my #BeMoreFox motto lately, I think he's basically an essential. 

004: I've loved the idea of one of the Yoshi biscuit bags for so long, I've just not been able to decide on my favourite. This jammy dodger is so nostalgic and cute, though.
005: I adore this cat and rooftop design. It reminds me of a bunch of postcards we were very taken with when I was in Paris recently, and the rooftops certainly remind me of Paris. Want want want! 

006: Because satchel bags are never not useful, and I've been looking for the perfect one for my bike. I think this floral print one would fit the bill nicely. 

What do you think of the new Yoshi site? And which is your favourite design? 


  1. Foxxxxxxx! (Like you even had to ask!)

  2. These are all spectacular! If I had to pick a favourite, it'd be the cats, but it would be a tough choice!

    1. The cats are awesome, they remind me of Parisienne rooftops.