Friday, 21 July 2017

Friday Favourites 253

001 // 002  // 003 // 004
Happy Friday, folks! It's been a funny old week, which seems to have both zipped by and also kind of dragged. As usual, I've not managed to do all of the things I'd planned, but frankly when is that not the case..?! I've managed to go all heart-eyes-emoji over the following dresses, though..

001: Another beautiful dress from Joanie Clothing. I'm aware that I'm beginning to sound like a broken record, but I will continue to make room for the beauties they come up with. This yellow sunflower print just screams sunshine to me and I want! 

002 and 003: Absolutely loving the range at UK Lingerie at the moment - this Pour Moi set is right up my street and so reasonably priced, too. Absolutely love the cage effect of the knickers. They also come in red if you don't have a "black underwear only" rule like I do.. I always want to think of myself as someone who swans about in a babydoll like this, but.. 

004: Because a girl always needs a new pair of shoes and there is just not enough glitter in the world. I love the shade of blue of these glitter heels from ASOS and, of course, the fact that the heels are embellished with all kinds of floral cuteness.

What's caught your eye this week...? 


  1. I'm sure I saw you wearing a green bra on Instagram! What do you wear with a very pale dress? I had a bra nightmare this week as all my bras bar three have gone awol and the Miss Patina blouse I am wearing REALLY needs a flesh coloured bra! It is truly bizarre! I love those shoes!!

    1. Mostly black, but with a green panel. It was in the Playful Promises sale and I decided it would relax my rule as I loved the front-bar effect so much.