Monday, 10 July 2017

I can see for miles..


Frankly, I'm feeling pretty positive about this week (despite the rain), following one of the nicest weekends I've had in a long time. I managed to fit in time with a lot of my favourite people and am feeling pretty lucky to have some wonderful ones in my life. 


Yesterday, I'd signed up to help out at one of the now monthly open days at the local Lord Hill's Column. I visited this for the first time in 2015 (post here) and I was determined to take more photos, as I only ended up with the couple I'd snapped on my phone from the last visit (we went to Brighton a couple of days after my last trip up the Column and I lost my camera, with the pictures still on it, when our hotel was burgled. 


Yesterday's weather was a lot nicer- sunny skies with some picturesque fluffy clouds making it easier to see a little further than the last time I'd climbed up the 172 stairs.


Built between 1814 and 1816, it's the tallest Doric column in the country and is 40.7m tall, giving lovely views of Shrewsbury town and on a clear day, all the way out over the Wrekin. 


At the moment, the Friends' society are ensuring that the column is opened to the public at least once per month in the summer, as they're trying to raise funds to restore the statue of Rowland Hill which stands at the top, made from Coade stone. Apparently they're expecting this to cost in the region of £500,000. You can book a visit, which costs just £5, here


  1. What incredible views! I think I might have been a little nervous all the way up there though! x

    1. Oh, but it's so worth it to look out over the town. I'm such a people watcher, I love it.