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If this were a movie..

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I feel as though I've been to the movies a lot more lately than I have for a while, but it's been a while since my last round-up post. Here's what I've seen since then (I think). 

The Graduate: This is an absolute classic, which I've of course seen before. (On VHS, a long while ago). Digitally remastered and released in some cinemas to mark it's 50th anniversary. Yes, seriously, it's been fifty years since poor, lost soul Benjamin first asked "Mrs Robinson, are you trying to...seduce me?!
Yet sometimes, even if I've seen something before, it's kinda awesome to see it on the big screen, no? I thoroughly enjoyed rewatching this, laughing along with the rest of the cinema-goers and of course trying hard not to sing along to the soundtrack. 

Transformers: The Last Knight: I have to start by pointing out that I've never see any of the other previous Transformers movies, so was at a little bit of a disadvantage when this was one of our recent picks. I liked it, sure. And it was quite amusing, I enjoyed the character development and managed to pick up enough of the back story to get by, but still something just felt a little formulaic about the whole thing. 
I mean, this was my tweet the following day and I stand by it: 
Really enjoyed Transformers, but is it bad that my highlights were the little robot dinosaurs and Laura Haddock's ass in a pencil skirt...?

The Red Turtle: I have to admit, this was my very first Studio Ghibli film. I have lost count of the number of people who've told me that I should really watch My Neighbour Totoro because I'd love it. And I even have the DVD ready and waiting for me. After seeing The Red Turtle, I'm probably more keen to watch more. It was just beautiful. Animated and wordless, the music is perfect and I quickly felt as though I was immersed in the story. So, so nice. Despite being animated, I love that this is so much more "realistic", which I know is a dumb thing to say about a movie which has some magical forces in play, but things like the fact that subjects such as death aren't skirted over just because it's an animation, appeal to me. 

My Cousin Rachel: As I've mentioned before, I tend to prefer to have read a book before I watch a film adaptation of it, but actually, I've not yet read this du Maurier. I'm not sure why, as I quite enjoy her books. I rather enjoyed this film, following the life of Philip as he comes of age and vows to get revenge after his cousin Ambrose meets an untimely death in Florence. Rachel, Ambrose's widow, soon has Philip under her seductive spell. With it's moody, psychological thriller vibe, I have to admit my loyalties were tested and I really didn't know who to believe. 

Despicable Me 3: Oh, considering I'm someone who really doesn't "get" the Disney hype, I sure like a minion movie. I was excited to see there'd be a new one of these. Typically, the third film in a franchise like this is usually hopeless, but I'd read reviews when this first came out that it was the best yet. Whilst I don't think I'd agree with that tall claim (the first movie will always be my favourite). A new villain and Gru's long-lost brother add some new characters to the old favourites, and I certainly enjoyed it better than the second and the standalone Minions film. Hilarious, you know what you're getting with this series and it doesn't disappoint. 

Spiderman: Homecoming: Right away, I enjoyed this more than I'd expected to. For me, Andrew Garfield / Emma Stone will always be my best Peter Parker / Gwen, so I wasn't really sure how I felt about (another) remake. But. kudos to the writers, because this was great. As a big Avengers fan in general and a big RDJ fan in particular, I was pleased to see some Iron Man in there but I don't think it was just the Avengers magic which made this great. I loved the fact that Peter's a bit of a nerd who is trying too hard to impress; rather than being a true hero fulfilling his destiny, he's just the loveable loser trying hard to be noticed by his crush, and desperate for his hero Tony Stark to need him again. Things like his video diary from the great Avengers fight (which we saw in Civil War) and the fact he leaves a note on a bike asking people not to steal it, really made me warm to him as a character on his own, not just as Garfield's successor and I'm excited to see where they go with this. 

What have you seen lately? Anything you'd recommend?

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