Monday, 3 July 2017

Intergalactic space princess..

Dress: Sammydress* // Bag: Gamiss*
I'm not entirely sure how it can be another Monday already - so soon! My weekend passed in a flash of catching up with friends, working hard at a local campsite and a bike ride through the countryside. I'd meant to fit a whole lot more in, but it didn't happen. When I got home last night, I fell asleep and managed to sleep for almost 10 hours, which is unheard of for me. I guess I needed it and I shouldn't let myself feel guilty about it, but I totally do.

Shoes: Irregular Choice
Anyhow, today's outfit provoked some lovely compliments from fellow supermarket-goers at lunchtime. Apparently I look very co-ordinated. The dress is another from Sammydress, and although I love the colours, it's a little too big and I hate the way the collar sits on me, so it's either for the alterations pile or the next insta-sale: whichever comes first. 

The bag was unearthed in a sort-out I had the other day, and made the pile to keep. It's lovely and bright, as well as being big enough for all of the essentials. I guess the shoes do give it something of a spacey vibe..? 


  1. Yes, I loved this on Instagram. Definitely has a space vibe. Such a cute outfit, what's Sammydress like for shipping costs etc?

    1. This was free shipping, which you have to wait longer for (it says up to 28 days I think but in my experience has never been that long!) but they're pretty much okay> I tend to size up in everything, though.

  2. Definitely put it on your alterations pile because the dress looks amazing on you! xx