Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Tuesday Titles 136..

The Honeymoon: Tina Seskis

In what seems like direct contrast to the kind of things I've been reading lately, The Honeymoon is dark and chilling and has absolutely stuck with me since I finished it on the treadmill the other day.

Jemma has been planning her perfect wedding for years and has her dream honeymoon all sorted, too. A remote island in the Maldives, with their own private beach and staff to attend to their every need. She could be in paradise, except for one thing.

One morning, she wakes up to find her new husband has gone. Disappeared from the island, without a trace. Suddenly Jemma's dream becomes a nightmare and as the others at the resort start to wonder whether Jemma might be involved, she begins to remember things which happened leading up to that night.

A lot of the story is told using flashbacks to Jemma's relationship, the wedding plans and otrher things which had happened and this builds on the eerie feeling that the reader is being kept in the dark about some of the things which might be important. As slivers of the truth are eked out of the story, things fall into place and my theory began to come together.

Billed as a "shock twist that you won't see coming", I have to admit, I really didn't. I think I must have been visibly surprised when I got to the big reveal as one of my gym buddies even asked what was up.

Unlike some books of it's genre which I've found can fall a bit flat after the reveal, The Honeymoon kept me interested in guessing right up until the end. I'd absolutely recommend it to anyone who likes a good thriller.

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