Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Amongst The Clouds..

Because I know what you're all thinking right now is "Yes, Char. You really needed a new handbag." Not. 

Well, perhaps not. But I love it nonetheless. This is another of the new season Yoshi bags - told you they were onto some good stuff, right?! - and as usual, of course the level of detail is amazing. 

Although I'd ordinarily perhaps not opt for such a light background colour - cream, with my propensity to spilling things?! - I actually think the cream colour leather is perfect for this design. 

The hot air ballons are appliqued on to the bag, flying above the cityscape, which is in contrast, printed in a monochrome below. 

I failed to get a photo of the back, but there's a solitary hot air balloon on the other side - I love the fact that there's always a little extra detail. Yet another beautiful Yoshi bag.

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