Wednesday, 9 August 2017

And if I go out tonight, dress up my fears..

Pour Moi Contradiction Bra*
To be honest, I've been sitting on these photographs (metaphorically, you understand) for a while now. I'm really not feeling all that confident lately. Despite upping my game when it comes to running, lifting and gym stuff in general, which is seeing my PBs being improved upon here and there, I think I'm at an all time low when it comes to my body image, of late.

Trust me, I *know* how irrational that probably sounds. To me, too. I have a wonderful group of people stand behind me (another metaphor, don't worry - they're allowed to live their own lives, too), and give me the reassurance which I need, a lot of the time. One of my favourite people spends almost all of his time telling me the things which so many women long to hear, and I fight to allow my brain to let me accept, let alone believe. And I know that this is tiresome, for all of them, as well as for me. 

But anyway. Something in me, when I was reading all of the inclusive body-positivity which seems to have resulted directly from this Boohoo debacle, gave me the push I needed to do this. 

After my recent wishlist, UK Lingerie asked if I'd like to tell them what I think of the Pour Moi strapped set which I'd featured and I was happy to take them up on the offer. I adore lingerie shopping; it's probably one of my favourite past-times and is something I've been asked to advise on by several people recently.. I know what I like the look of and love the look of all of the seductive strapped items about lately. I just sometimes don't know whether I like what I look like in anything. 

However, here is the Pour Moi Strapped Contradiction set, and here are my thoughts:

Pour Moi Contradiction Strapped  Brief*
The bra is absolutely lovely, featuring those triangular straps across the top of the cups, which are also strapped. This bra isn't padded, but the straps on the cups give them the structure to give you a lovely shape (as a not-very-well-endowed-in-the-chest-department person, I'm often a little wary of the wispy, barely-there bras you get sans padding. But with this, there's nothing to fear.

As for the briefs. First of all, I love the design. High-waisted knickers are always my favourite (despite their granny-pants connotations), because of the retro, waspie feel you get, and I love the ides of these, which have layers of elastic straps held in place at the centre front and back. I had a bit of a panic when they arrived that perhaps I should have sized up, for fear of the elastic straps digging in and making me look more ham than human. But they're true to size and I think they're okay. (By which, I mean, when I look at this photo, all I see is flaws. But those flaws are most definitely with me and most likely in my head). 

What I'm saying is, I'd absolutely recommend UK Lingerie, for their next-day delivery and for their products. There's nothing I'm not loving from the Pour Moi range and it's incredibly good value for an affordable sexy range. 


  1. You are incredibly brave to do this! I know I couldn't! I would just feel so self conscious, particularly with the knicker part! I hope it gives you confidence to know you look really good in this set! My own tastes are more towards Cotton as I find other materials a bit itchy or uncomfortable though my Mum gave me one pair of black lacy knickers which I quite like though don't really wear!

  2. Oh, this is lovely (and you honestly look fantastic)! I'm in your camp with the 'only black lingerie' rule and after clicking on the site and seeing how affordable it is, I think I might just have to treat myself. Thanks for the heads up about this site.

  3. You look great!
    Love the bra, but the briefs look like one false move and I'd catapult myself across the room. I do prefer a little more coverage in the pants department (my 20yo thong wearing self would never believe it!).
    Off to check out the site now :)