Tuesday, 22 August 2017

DIY: Bleach T-shirt..


Since it seems like an absolute age since I actually shared something which I'd made, I snapped some photos of how an idea we'd come across for a craft we could do at our recent camp turned out. 

We'd seen a Pinterest-style photo of bleach-art t-shirts and decided that we'd get some black or navy (note: navy doesn't work as well as black!) garments and give this a try. 

In my head, we'd use some fun foam to cut out letters and a message and/or any design we liked, then fix them to the shirts and spray bleach around them, to get a kind of negative effect. We tried this and it only kind of worked - the bleach kind of soaked everywhere, which meant the designs didn't really come out. 

I had a re-think. 

For this one I still used my foam letters, pinned on to my shirt, and painted around them messily with neat bleach and a paintbrush. This sort of worked although I'm not sure the TINK letters on the front are all that clear. 

Not quite a Pintrest fail, but I'd certainly work on it in the future..


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