Saturday, 19 August 2017



This time last week, I was whizzing my way down the motorway to collect Sarah. We then headed to the NEC for the Festival of Quilts.


Now, I guess you'd be right to be a little confused at that. I'm not a quilter. Despite the fact that I've still not finished my postage stamp quilt, I really don't think I'd ever consider myself one. But there were going to be fabric stalls, of course. 


We did have a little look around the actual quilt displays as well. Some of them were just amazing - I think that this above, depicting a two-person prison cell, was one of my favourites. 


There were some quilted items on display which weren't traditional quilts, too. This pirate ship, which is being attacked by The Kraken, was hands down my favourite - and I posted more photos showing some of the amazing details on my Instagram, here.


This skirt reminded me of one I used to have in my teens, which had appliqued Alice and cards and also a teeny tiny pocket watch. I wonder whatever happened to that.. 


I loved these chickens - again, so much detail on them all. 


And technically not on display in the competition categories, but I snapped a photo of this robot backpack because I loved it. Maybe one day I'll progress my skills ebough to make something similar..

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