Friday, 11 August 2017

Friday Favourites 256..

FF256 Image
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This week, since it's Flower Show week and that obviously means that we have a weekend of constant rain ahead, and I've seen far too many "Hello Autumn" posts about already, I'm letting my mind wander to holidays and sunnier places. Man, I want a holiday. Which seems to have become a bit of a theme in this week's cutesy jewellery picks.

001: I am always *that* tourist with their camera around their neck when visiting somewhere new, otherwise I know I'll get to the end of the day having taken no photos at all. So I don't know whether I could wear this necklace as well - would that be too much? - perhaps for the times when I'm just out for dinner and not sight-seeing?!

002: I'm not sure what llamas have to do with the holidays theme, really, but I liked the fiesta-colourful tassels and decided I'd include him anyway. I've been a fan of EE jewellery for many years now. 

003: Sugar and Vice never fail to come up with awesome and original designs and I love these flamingoes, on their pink cord. Super holiday vibes, here. AND they're in the sale.

004: What's more holiday-ish than a dinosaur on a speedboat? Loving this for it's Family Ness vibe. (Please don't tell me I'm the only one who remembers this show?!)

005: Little Moose, who I absolutely love, have come out with the most awesome beach party collection. This pool necklace is just amazing; how much do I want to be floating about on an inflatable croc right now...?! 

006: Possibly my favourite pick of the week. I saw this little adventurer on someone's IG page recently and really want to add him to my collars. Particularly for escapades with my favourite adventure buddy, where we never know where we might end up. 

What are you loving this week? Make me jealous with all of your holiday plans. 


  1. I like your choices! I've contemplated that Lavidriola necklace many times in the sale but never gone for it! Im going to be camping in the Chilterns so it'll probably be raining so you won't be jealous!

  2. I want this entire wish list! SO many great things!

  3. I love them all! They're all so amazing I don't think I can even pick my favourite. And yes, I remember The Family Ness, too! I loved that programme! Do you know you can get Family Ness t-shirts on Truffle Shuffle?!

  4. I'm dying to book a holiday too but it's a case of waiting for Mr P to do his invoicing (tick) and then waiting for the payments to come rolling in (in hand, I hope).