Monday, 7 August 2017

Mermaids, poodles and roses, oh my..

Cardigan + Dress: Collectif 
I'm not sure how much this outfit actually works, but I kinda like it. This dress is lovely; even more so than I thought when I actually put it on. And I've teamed it with the Lucy cardigan I snapped up from their sale this time last year.

Coat: Daisybee Necklines
This coat is something I snapped up from Lottie's IG sale recently - so lovely and both made and lined with Cath Kidston fabric. It's lightweight so perfect for when the summer evenings get a little less warm.

Shoes: Irregular Choice
Continuing the kinda-mermaid theme, I love these shoes (check yesterday's post for close-up photos). Irregular Choice seem to have some awesome designs coming out lately.

Collar Clips: You Make Me 
Because the coat is a lovely light, loose fit on me, I figured that some collar clips might work nicely on it. I didn't manage to get them straight for the photo, but I like these little poodles, which were part of a sample sale on IG lately, but I've put a link to the Etsy shop above. 

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