Thursday, 10 August 2017

To bathe in the glorious light of your star..

Fishnet Tights: ASOS
Hmm, you know when you don't really pay as much attention to the finer details of something when perhaps you should have, and when it arrives with you you're a little surprised. Well, this new dress falls into that category a little.

Dress: Dresslily*
Whilst I'm liking the cute print, I have to admit that from the photos on the website which claims to have the "best floral dresses on sale" I was expecting the colour to be more of a yellow, and I hadn't read that it was polyester rather than cotton. Never mind, though. I still really like the Peter Pan collar and the button front detail. Annoyingly, it also turned up with a few marks on it, so I've tried to be a little inventive in my photos to try and hide them until I've tried to get them out in the wash.

Coat: F+F Clothing 
For it's first wear, though, I grabbed this trench coat, which I've been wearing quite a bit this week when the weather has looked like rain (i.e. often).

Shoes: Irregular Choice 
I seem to be all about the fishnet tights lately - they're pretty good for hiding the fact that my legs are such a mess lately (covered in bruises and insect bites which I seem to be super allergic to). These cobalt blue ones are down to £2 in the ASOS sale, so definitely a bargain, in my book.

Bag: Kate Spade
And, of course, what outfit would be complete without a pair of Irregular Choice heels and a Kate Spade bag? I'm becoming predictable in my old age, I fear.. 

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  1. I love the shape of the dress and the collar- the colour is, as you say, little different- sort of yellowy flesh colour. I must say that I just don't like fish net tights- I am just far too clumsy to get into them without wreckage! I'd rather have my (also) bruised and bitten legs on show than having to fight my way into tights!
    The bag and shoes are just darling!x