Saturday, 26 August 2017

Up up and away..

Dress: H+M
This dress is I-can't-remimeber-how-old now, but something reminded me of it the other day and do you ever get that feeling that when you've set your heart on something, nothing else will do..? Well, the search was on to find this dress, languishing away in one of my wardrobes.

Bella heels: Miss KG
I love that the print is rather muted florals so can be dressed down, but at the same time lends itself to being worn with so many different colours. These purple and green Miss KG heels are a favourite pair - so high and so, so chic.

Amongst The Clouds bag: Yoshi*
I've mentioned this bag before, I know, so I won't say much other than that it's so lovely..!

Stockings: What Katie Did
I pre-ordered the new colours of the What Katie Did seamed stockings back in May when they were released and they arrived whilst I was away in France. I kind of put them away because the weather was too warm then for stockings and it's only recently that it had occurred to me to get them out again. I think I should have opted for the smaller size as I find that all of my WKD stockings have a tendency to sag, even with my suspender belt on the tightest strapping. But, other than this, they're superb quality. Unlike many makes of stockings, I never seem to accidentally put my finger through them or anything. 

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  1. Lovely dress. And thanks for the heads-up about the WKD stockings. Thats so good to know about quality and size.