Saturday, 23 September 2017

3 Reasons why I'm planning to visit Sicily..

Autumn is here and I am already thinking of my next holiday somewhere where it’s warm and sunny. With the weather becoming more blustery every day, and as the school and work weeks rage on, it is important to keep yourself motivated and looking forward to your next adventure.
If you are looking for somewhere to pop off to for your next bank holiday, look no further than Sicily. You can enjoy the island with the privacy of your own place by searching last minute villa deals, then begin planning the holiday of a lifetime. For me, the three main reasons for doing so are: the nature, the food and the people.
Sure, the Italian Isle of Sicily is well known for its natural beauty. That is why it is the perfect destination for anyone who wants to get in touch with his or her inner beach goddess or thrill seeker. Some of the best beaches to visit while you’re there include Mondello in Palermo and Scala dei Turchi. If, however, you lean on the side of adventurer, three of Italy’s volcanoes are considered active and two of them: Etna and Stromboli are at home in Sicily. Make sure you journey on a hike or two while you have the chance!
Undoubtedly, food and wine are among Sicily’s main attractions. But it’s definitely not all about pizza and pasta or delicious ice creams. Please make sure you are not on a diet when visiting Sicily as it is rather impossible to resist! Some must try dishes include Pasta alla Norma - a combination of aubergine, ricotta, and tomato sauce, Granita - a tasty dessert made from ice and fresh fruit, and the favourite, Sfincione - a thick pizza that is intended to be eaten on the street, Caponata - cooked vegetables with aubergine at the base and Arancine - rice balls.
When you are on holiday, you don’t want to worry about snooty locals. With Sicily, you won’t have a worry in the world. The people are the absolute most hospitable and are known for their laid-back attitudes. The streets are alive with culture and their strong familial values show when they welcome everyone with open arms, making Sicily a desirable retreat for everyone.
Have you been to Sicily? I'm super tempted - anyone got any tips?

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