Monday, 4 September 2017

I feel very under-dressed for Asda right now..

Dress: Joules /. Headband: Accessorize
Honestly, I've had such a lovely weekend that I've kind of floating right on into Monday without a care in the world. And, it was one of those weekends which didn't promise to be anything amazing, but just turned out to be lovely. Pretty fucking happy right now, it has to be said.

Triceratops Bag: Kate Spade
An outfit from Friday where I just decided to mish-mash a bundle of pastel things which I like. This dress is an old favourite from Joules, which gets re-released in different fabrics every summer, but I think this market-place print one is my favourite design (I also have a floral and a polka dot version, I'm sure).

Jumper: F+F
I also couldn't wait to wear my new winger Tabbris heels. As I mentioned in my review post, they're really comfortable, but I did struggle a little bit with angling my heels so that I didn't catch the wings when I was driving. It was easily remedied by moving my seat back a notch, which gave me a little more space.

Tabbris heels: Irregular Choice
I've been desperately trying to decide what to do with my hair for a while now, and have settled on the fact that I'm going to get a fringe cut in. Just need to decide what I'm doing with the length as well. I adore my hair long but it is falling out so much lately, and always gets in the way. Watch this space.


  1. I'm very glad to hear you had a lovely weekend! Would be lovely to hear your news of what particularly made you so happy! You look very pretty in this dress combination. I've not had a fringe since I was 14 as I always just grew them out whenever I had one cut in but I sometimes wonder! I just don't cope with long hair, it just gets out of condition and I end up tying it up because it annoys me so much down! I like your long hair- I've never seen you with anything else!!

  2. A gorgeous outfit Char, you look so elegant xx