Sunday, 22 October 2017

Sunday Shoes 147: Irregular Choice Maya

Every time I think that perhaps Irregular Choice have peaked and couldn't come up with anything more amazing than their previous styles, they pull something incredible out of the bag and my bank balance quivers.

These incredible, petrol blue floral print boots are called Maya. The most recent concept heel release, they have a birdcage shaped heel which is hollow and contains a tiny bird, decorated with real feathers.
The surrounding heel and platform are covered in thick layers of amazing, sparkly glitter and the sides and front of the boots are embellished with the most amazing rose embroidery. So much texture here, with a beautiful blue velvet ribbon lace-up detail. Fear not, though: the boots actually fasten with a hidden inner zip. I found that when these arrived, I had to re-lace them a little less tightly up the fronts to be able to fit my legs properly, but I do have fairly large calves, sooo...
The little kitty design on the sole and box is still up there with my favourite season branding, I think. My favourite detail on these I think might be the multi-coloured eyelets up the front. I just love the whole effect, despite the fact that they're super impractical on so many levels. But, when has that ever bothered me before...!?

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