Monday, 30 October 2017

The animals went in two by two..

Rainy Day Dress: Amy Laws
Sometimes you need a little something to kick-start your creativity, I've found. Lately, with my sewing and various other projects, I think I've found myself in a bit of a slump. I'm not really sure what to blame that on, but something which has definitely helped me when it's come to being more creative with my outfit planning, has been Smile and Make's #noveltyoutfitchallenge. I've taken part in this for the past month and have posted most days. which is not bad going for me. Perpetually disorganised, I tend to find that I fall out of the habit of most monthly Instagram challenges. This one, however, was right up my street.

Shirley Bass heels: Irregular Choice // Bag: Pylones
I've shared a few of my favourite outfits from it on here so far, although more can be found on my IG profile. This outfit was part of animal theme week, and it all started with these tights, which I'd tried hard to track down last year when I saw someone else wearing them on IG. I love a pretty pair of tights and these animal print ones are perfect for my #wardrobezoo aesthetic. I managed to find out from Topshop HQ that the final remaining pairs were in their flagship London store and one of my lovely #teamunicorn friends swung by to pick a pair up for me. Since then, they'd sat in my box of tights, waiting for the right moment for inspiration to strike.
Fox Collar Clips: Ashlea Bechaz
I decided that they'd go quite well with this dress, with it's colourful raindrops and decided on these Shirley Bass rainbow heels, too. Figuring we had something of an impromptu Noah's Ark theme forming, and that it was raining, this umbrella print raincoat seemed the natural coat to opt for.
These fox collar clips remind me so much of the foxes in Farthing Wood. A TV show I adored as a child, I was thrilled to be surprised with the DVD box-set last Christmas but haven't yet got around to a re-watch. I don't know if I can cope with the heart-breaking fate of so many of the animals..

Rain Mac: H+M
My bag, shaped like a watering can, seemed like a good addition to the theme and somehow I felt more put-together than usual, if a little bit weird. I guess I'm pretty used to weird, though.


  1. The dress, the tights, the shoes, the pins... so many amazing pieces to love here! Those tights are especially amazing! The collar clips really do look like the Animals of Farthing Wood foxes. I haven't watched the cartoon in years, but I'm still traumatised by the episode Mrs Pheasant ended up cooked and left to cool on a windowsill for Sunday dinner... It was horrifying! It was pretty heavy for a kids' programme, but I loved it. xx

    1. It really was. A conversation we had last night reminded me of the Butcher Bird as well. Argh.

  2. I adore this outfit! You know I'm a big lover of the dress but the other elements are really cute and compliment the outfit well-fox pins, watering can bag, amazing tights, those are my favourite IC shoes!

    The Novelty Outfit Challenge was made for you!!x

  3. Love love love it! Particularly the frock and bag x

  4. Oh my goodness I *loved* Animals of Farthing Wood as a child, even if I went to school upset each day as yet another animal had died. Haha! They don't make children's tv like they used to! There's no way they'd make such a beautiful yet traumatising show for children.

    Anyway, I love your impromptu Noah's Ark themed outfit. It's a bit bonkers but totally all works together. Kezzie is right, novelty outfit challenge was perfect for you!

    1. No, I was thinking this. We used to be eager for the next week (was it weekly?)'s show and I'm sure there's nothing as serialised for kids these days, let alone as traumatic.

  5. It looks fantastic all together. I've loved seeing all the smileandmake outfits. I loved Farthing Wood, no rewatch for me as it was too darn sad!