Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Tuesday Titles 144..

Although I *do* have a book review for you (I read speedily on the stair-master at the gym last night as I realised that it's quite a while since I actually finished a book - the perils of having about ten books on the go at any one time....), first up I wanted to share a little book-related item with you which I think might be the perfect (*whispers*) Xmas gift for any bookworms on your present list...

Mock up Cotton Tote Bag on Brick wall Background

This tote is the first product from Daydreaming Designs, which will be releasing book themed products every month. The tote bags, which cost £10 including UK postage, can be pre-ordered here until 29th October. After that date, provided 50 pre-orders have been placed, they'll be produced and shipped and the next product will be released soon. I love this slogan; perfect for the perpetual to-read pile which so many of us face...

In book review news, I have a cheerful one for you today:

The Pets at Primrose Cottage: Sheila Norton
The Pets at Primrose Cottage is to be released next year, but at the moment you can read the first part of the book, just to whet your appetite. The story follows Emma, who has moved to a remote village in Devon to get away from her past and needs to start a new life. Trying hard to keep a low profile, she makes up a few little white lies to cover her tracks, but before long things begin to spiral out of control. Telling her new landlady's neighbour she is a pet-sitter lands her with an unexpected new career path and the village gossip seems to spread like wild-fire.

Charming and easy-going writing makes this the perfect book to cosy up with, although you'll have to wait until March for the whole thing.

Read anything great lately? Please share in the comments..


  1. I'm loving the Outlander series and picked up a few YA books including It Only Happens in the Movies which very much reminds me of myself at 17.