Thursday, 2 November 2017

24 hours in London..

Sooo, I'm aware we're almost at the next weekend and I've not yet talked about the last one. I am not really sure where this past week has gone. (See also: past month, summer, 2017 in general..).
But, anyhow. It was great/. After an exciting meeting on Friday night making some plans for a trip next summer I was feeling rather positive.
Dressed in a somewhat appropriate dress, I hopped on the train and headed to London to meet Giuls. We caught up on news, and lunched, and shopped and wandered until about 6pm when we decided enough shopping was enough and wandered over to Covent Garden towards the Royal Opera House, as we had tickets for the Royal Ballet's final date for Alice in Wonderland.
Having never before visited the ROH, I was amazed by the beautiful  architecture. I love the orangery, which is the bar / restaurant / atrium area and although our seats were right up in the uppermost of upper circles, that was kind of great because it meant that in the intervals (there were two - one for cake and one for cocktails!) that we could look down on the bar and watch the other theatre-goers going about their business in the beautiful surroundings. Pretty buildings and people-watching. And cake. And grapefruit cocktails. And beautiful, amazing ballet. What more can a girl want?
The show itself was nothing short of incredible and the sets and designs were amazing. My favourite was the way they'd portrayed the Cheshire Cat, I think. But all of the costumes were amazing (particularly the Queen of Hearts). We left the ballet absolutely buzzing and got the bus home to G's flat, where we chatted until we fell asleep.
Sunday morning was filled with brunch in Streatham and a mooch around one of the best charity book shops I've been in for a while, before bussing it to Brixton for a bit of a wander around the indoor market (hipster paradise, although I did see some rather amazing things in lots of the teeny little shops). Being rather restrained although managing to get a little of my Christmas shopping done, and of course we had to tourist our way to the beautiful Bowie memorial wall, where people have left notes and pictures - my favourite was this of the Goblin King from Labyrinth.
After a lovely morning of exploring the area, we stopped for train snacks (for me) and I headed back to Euston on the tube, and got the train home. A lovely weekend, filled with just enough time in the big smoke and a decent balance of cuddles and home-time with my favourite, as well. I'm learning about this balance thing, it seems..


  1. Your weekend sounds excellent! I'm glad you enjoyed a nice time and it had that balance for you.

  2. Sounds like you had a fantastic day out in London. I've never been to the ballet, but I love trips to the theatre, and the RAH is gorgeous. I always used to pop to Covent Garden before we headed to the theatre for a show, so you're making me miss days out to London so much! There's few things better! xx