Friday, 1 December 2017

Friday Favourites 264..

Gosh, it feels like a long while since I did one of these posts (mostly because I've not yet found a way of making collages of pretties, since the demise of Picmonkey). But this week I need a little help. I have some money to put towards a winter coat and I'm trying to decide between these two. Thoughts please...?
001: Frankly, this one is the one I'd put my money on. Wildly impractical colour, and I have probably got three pink coats already but omhmygosh, how pretty.
002: This looks much better in real life than it does on it's web photo, I can assure you. Inside it's a kind of silver leather and it's sleeves were turned up so there was a silver cuff going on, which looked amazing. It's so so soft, as well. Wah.
Help.... and have you seen anything amazing, lately?


  1. Gem bought that pink one too! I like the other one as I'm not a great pink fan (though that is very pretty and fancy!)and also the other one is very Doctor Who! I missed your Friday favourites! I loved the Mean Gulls t-shirt I put on IG despite my lack of pink-love!

  2. OH they're both so nice! I think the pink is more you though.
    I've been ordering all the jumpers, most are being returned but it's nice to have lots to choose from. I've also ordered a highly impractical tiered ballerina skirt, I'll have to wear it to do the housework as I have no actual occasion to wear it!

  3. The pink is my favourite! Polyvore is good for doing collages.

  4. Personally, I think the pink coat is the most awesome of the two; it's so bright and cheerful! It looks so cosy, too, and looks perfect for you.

    As for collage making software... if you're comfortable making your collages from scratch, I'd recommend checking out Photoscape. It's free to download on to your desktop. I use it to make collages and images for my blog (plus it's great for basic photo editing, screen grabbing, GIF making etc). It doesn't have loads of collage features like cheesy clip art and glittery text, but it has a lot of different layouts, and you can build images from scratch without a set layout, too, and add in anything. Only issue is if you want to make any backgrounds of items transparent first, you'll need to use a different photo editing program to do that because there's no way to do it. Hope that helps! xx

  5. That first coat is an absolute beauty! xx