Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Squirrels and giraffes..

Skirt: Palava (via blog sale)
I'm all "is it Spring yet?" despite the fact that it's still January 8th and was -4C yesterday morning. But still. Dressing like it's Spring will make it so, I'm sure.

Collar: Fairytale Collars
I adore this collar necklace. Emma from Fairytale Collars is lovely and also makes some amazing products. This floral collar is made entirely of felt, and yet her flowers look so realistic and so effective. I decided this was the perfect opportunity to wear this yellow sweater from Tu Clothing which has been sitting in the wardrobe for the best part of a year, too.

Coat: Vintage
I like it when the weather is cold yet crisp, as it gives me the chance to wear a nice thick, furry jacket. So warm, but I try to keep them only to days when I know it definitely isn't going to rain, as nobody likes soggy fur jackets!

Suitcase: River Island
I've been having something of a clear out lately and have been rearranging my storage choices for various things, which meant I freed up this suitcase bag from it's previous life as my jewellery storage. A Christmas present from my sister several years ago, it's too cute to keep inside and is plenty big enough for all of the daily essentials..

Boots: Steve Madden via TK Maxx
These boots were a TK Maxx find late last year, too. I like the fact that they're actually a soft leather, with a floral print, making them much warmer and more waterproof than a lot of pairs. I relied almost solely on them during the snow we had a few weeks back.

Jumper: Tu Clothing
As for the skirt, it was a bargain from Donna's recent Insta-sale. A little alteration and it was ready to be styled up. I like that the whole combination kind of works in a plum, yellow and blue mish-mash kind of a way.. well, I thought so, anyway.


  1. That collar is amazing, and I love the suitcase- the print is so cute! xx

  2. I'm not jealous of everything in this outfit. Honestly!! Well, maybe everything !!! Squirrels, flat leather floral boots, collar, Palava!!! I cannot find any clothes as everything is in utter chaos post-semi move (not managed to complete it due Chris having had to rush up to Northumberland-he's still not back! ). I shall live vicariously through you!