Saturday, 13 January 2018

Top 10: Zaful

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I have a new little feature to share: a different kind of wishlist, I suppose. Rather than a round up of lots of different items from the depths of the internet, I've decided that I'll focus on one particular site and pick my top ten from them. This week, my top picks from Zaful, which has so many lovely bits and pieces at the moment.

I'm off to a spa day next week and so could do with a new swimsuit of some description and really like the tie around the back effect of this red one.

I'm a little obsessed with cute collars, cute elbow patches and I just think these sunglasses are pretty awesome. The rainbow jumper is a pretty similar dupe of a Lazy Oaf one I've seen about, and those cat earrings are just an amazing kitschy dream come true.

What's your favourite piece? Have you shopped with Zaful in the past...?

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