Friday, 9 February 2018

Friday Favourites 268..

I must admit, I'm still somewhat undecided about the future of my Friday Favourites posts. I've set myself a saving challenge this year which means no spending on clothes, shoes, etc. So the sensible part of my brain is saying don't look at websites as it will make this spending ban much easier. But I still love to browse, so we shall see..

001 // 002 // 003 // 004

Of course my favourite thing to browse for is always shoes, so here's a little round-up of the Irregular Choice offerings which are currently topping my list.

001: These shark boots are kind of amazing. I have a real hatred of my toes, and tend to avoid anything with a peep toe where I can, but I'd almost be willing to overcome that to wear these. I've seen some fan photos on Instagram and they do look awesome on. 

002: One of my favourite new styles this season. The happy / sad clown faces are so cute and I love the mix of stripes and textures. 

003: These pumps would be perfect for Valentine's Day outings, and they're the same style as one of my most-worn pairs: Striped Mikey, so I know they'd be super comfortable. Rabbits and hearts and stripes, oh my!

004: These cherry boots have been on my radar for a while now and they're in the final reductions section of the sale so I'm seriously tempted. The perspex heel which has become such a common feature in IC looks great with a pink tinge and the cherry and blossom embroidery is cute. 

What are you wishing for this week? 

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  1. I love the Perspex heel-my favourite IC feature! I really don't get on with peep toes- I don't know if it is my toe shape or what but I find them incredibly painful from the moment of putting them on. Plus, I don't really like my feet either! But you're right-the sharks ARE super! I do enjoy your Friday Favourites but I get the temptation thing!