Sunday, 18 February 2018

Sunday Shoes 150..

Love is in the Air: Irregular Choice*
I could hardly wait for Valentine's day to come around when these little pretties turned up at my door. I've been a fan of Irregular Choice for a good number of years and love watching their designs evolve. They come up with amazing new concepts and ideas - think character heels - but something about some of the shoes in this season's collection has me more excited than usual because it feels like they are going back to their roots. 


The base of the fabric is a white glitter, which is then covered in a print of these tiny pink love hearts. There's a pink trim all the way around the edge of the shoe and the main detail to the fronts is this huge bow, also in white glitter. They're so sparkly and certainly eye-catching as the light glimmers off them. 


The heels is the same as Can Can from previous years; a little indented at the back and a fairly low heel. Slightly higher than one would consider a kitten? And there's a lovely strap to the front, which I think buttons, but I found that I didn't need to undo it to get the shoes on or off..


Of course, I couldn't talk about new season without a mention of the new season box and sole designs. These match perfectly and are adorned with stripes of different patterns (polka dots, florals and some really cute cartoon scallops. It's a real mixture but somehow, in true IC fashion, it all comes together and looks.. right. 

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