Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Tuesday Titles 152..

A little round-up of a few books which I've finished lately.

Yesterday: Felicia Yap
I absolutely loved this dystopian set-up. Each person falls into the category of either Mono or Duo and their memory is affected by which of those they fall into. So a Mono would only remember one day's events. Duos memories are limited to two days and the world relies on keeping daily diaries to keep track of the facts. 
When Claire finds the police at her door, they tell her there has been a murder and her husband is their prime suspect. But, when  your memory is limited to just hours at a time, how can you help with their enquiries? And how can you be sure about who is telling the truth. 
This has been likened to Girl on the Train and Gone Girl (because, frankly, what book in this genre isn't, these days?!) but it's much more enjoyable than either of them, in my opinion. 

Living the Dream
Living the Dream: Lauren Berry 
Dubbed as the millennial Bridget Jones' Diary, I was intrigued by this one but was right not to set my expectations too high. With no real storyline, rather a self-indulgent look at the lives of two twenty-something Londoners. I think perhaps my disenjoyment was enhanced by the fact that I hate the term millennial. 

After You: Jojo Moyes 

Yes, seriously. I know there's now a third book in this series but I've only just read this one. A continuation of Lou Clark's story from the moment Me Before You ended, we follow Lou as she picks up her life after Will and carries on, trying to follow the advice he gave to her. Very much readable, perhaps because the idea of a character who needs to be encouraged to live life to the fullest appeals to a lot of people, but I think that Moyes has a certain writing style which makes you hope that things are going to turn out well for Lou. 

Read anything you'd like to recommend? 

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  1. I only read After You last June! Ha, I.also hate Millennial as a term!