Friday, 2 March 2018

Friday Favourites 269..

FF269 Collage
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I know that it only seems like two minutes since I was banging on about my latest Vendula London beauty - my birdhouse backpack, which I have to say I still absolutely adore (despite being referred to as "Dora" for a weekend when I wore it out with friends). If you missed it, there are plenty of photos here.. 

But, the rest of this season's Vendula offerings are just as fabulous, so this week's wishlist comes exclusively from their new collection. Here's what has stolen my heart of late...

I mean, could there *be* anything more appropriate for me than a coffee truck bag, or perhaps the coffee cup - the perfect size for nights out with a zip all around the top. 

The famous grab bag - probably the archetypal Vendula shape - is back in lots of new designs including a toy shop (the back of which is pictured) and a music box, amongst plenty of others. 

And, perhaps cutest of all, a prosecco truck!

Which is your favourite?

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