Friday, 30 March 2018

Friday Favourites 272..

FF272 Collage
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This week has been nothing but a speedy rush to get things done ahead of the weekend, but now it's here and it's long and I can finally relax, and I for one am excited about that. Here are some pretty things which are making me smile this week..

001: The latest statement heel offering from Irregular Choice was released last week and isn't it cute? Woodland vibes, with terranium style heels containing grass, flowers and mini animals. These ones have faux grass around the edges and bunny ears on the fronts. Cute, no? 

002: I, along with the rest of my Instagram feed it seems, love this Collectif dress, which has been teased for months but is now finally available. It's even cuter, in my opinion, than the watermelon one from last year (which they have available again this year as well!) and would lend itself to just about any cutesy pastel colour. Want. 

003: A contrasting mint green cardigan with an ice cream patch, you say? Yes please!

004: Hannah Hitchman creates all kinds of cute and wonderful things, but this axolotyl pin is my favourite and has been languishing in my Etsy hearts section for aaagggess. If Harry Potter house emblems are your thing, she's got you covered and she also has some rather cute Fantastic Beasts pins. 

What's caught your eye this week? 

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  1. Oooh, I want to see the heels on those shoes!! The dress a.d cardie are so cute!. Hannah's pins are lovely!