Monday, 26 March 2018

Glitter in the air..

So, as I was scrolling through my IG stories today, I noticed this post title, which piqued my interest. Having read the post, this sums up pretty much exactly how I've been feeling about an ex friend who has randomly been in my thoughts more and more over the past few weeks.


These past few days have been a little bit..serendipitous, I think the word is. Perhaps it's a combination of the clocks changing, the springtime weather starting and the fact that lately I am happy and positive about new things and spring cleaning, but somehow I seem to be finding that things are just kind of...falling into place. 

Finding things I thought I'd lost, remembering things I'd forgotten to do, managing to get around to sending that little note or parcel, finding the perfect recipe for an upcoming meal. It's all just  been pretty good, of late. 

Since making the decisions to give some things up, and take a little of the pressure off the small amount of spare time I had, and this weekend has been really productive. I managed to problem-solve my way through some of the things I had to finish, made a cake which I'll share photos of,  and made decent progress with listing more and more of the contents of my wardrobes for sale (over here if you'd like to take a look). Baby steps. And, incidentally, baby blankets, after seeing something amazing online the other day and being inspired to make more presents.. I'm finding that knitting is quite relaxing, though, so I guess we can call that one "self care".

Anyone else finding that Spring is bringing with it a whole new wave of positivity?


  1. Yes, I hope that Spring will be as it always is: new life, new chances, new zeal for life, new hopes and inspirations!x

  2. Absolutely. The first few months of the year are, for me, about making plans and laying foundations, spring is when things start to get off the ground.
    Glad to see that life is good :)