Sunday, 4 March 2018

Sunday Shoes 151..

Windsor heels: Irregular Choice*
I love New Shoes Day. This week, the new additions to my shelves* are one of my favourite styles, brought back this season in a new colour and pattern. Windsor has been one of those IC styles with a really classic shape, my perfect heel and finished off with a big bow on the front - amazing.  (*I wish, I've long run out of shelf space in the shoe room). 


These are just perfect and I couldn't wait to wear them - the green and pink fabric on the upper is a lovely jacquard with a luxe feel. The heel is a beautiful pink glitter, whilst the bow is sparkly snakeskin print fabric. Oh man, they're so fancy! 


Also, pink and green are one of those colour combinations which I'd never really given that much consideration to before. But I love how well it seems to work. I wore them with black tights here, but have also worn them with some red ones, which I kinda liked just as much (see here). 


What do you think? Frankly, I'm just excited that IC seem to be revamping a bunch of their tried and tested old favourites, this season. 

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