Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Recent podcast discoveries..

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Last weekend I ended up with an unexpected couple of days to myself, as something I'd signed up to help out at didn't need me in the end. Which was great, as I was able to have a day or two to just catch up on life things. I've been clearing out cupboards, wardrobes and trundling things down to the charity shops, clothes banks and the local recycling centre as part of the preparation which you get into when you're planning to move house. And I needed a bit of background noise, so I raided my podasts app for something new. 

I was talking to someone a couple of weeks back who said they didn't like podcasts because they found it annoying to listen to people rabbiting on about subjects, even when they're subjects which may actually interest them in real life, because they end up being self-indulgent, like vlogs or Youtube videos, but I was trying to explain that there are so many different types of podcasts, that you don't have to be limited.

Here are a few of the things I've been listening to over the past couple of weeks:

Girl in Space: This follows the fate of a young scientist on board a dying space ship, with only a robot for company. Who she is, we're not entirely sure, but there are suddenly a lot of people who wish to find out. Told in the format of a recorded ship's log, it's super descriptive and doesn't take long to get sucked into life on board.

Lake Clarity: This was my first taste of the FateCrafters podcasts. Season 1 follows a group of teens who go camping in their summer break, heading out to a lake which was once the home of an abandoned summer camp. They record what they find and suddenly things get a little scary. Season 2, which is also available, follows reporter Sam, who picks up their story whilst she's reporting on an event in a nearby town. I really enjoyed this one and had listened to both seasons within a morning - perfect sewing accompaniment. 

The Boring Talks: Good old Radio 4 have produced this and it does exactly what it says on the tin. A weekly talk from someone on a subject which they (but possibly nobody else in the world) are passionate about. From changing your name, to road signs, to a man who has kept a record of every sneeze he's ever experienced, I like a weekly dose of this one. 

The Other Stories: I think I may have mentioned this one before, but I'm still listening avidly. Perfect for any fans of horror or gore, The Other Stories has a new theme each month (recently we've had Egypt, Virtual Reality and Theme Parks), and each episode is a standalone short story of 15-20mins, often covering all kinds of gruesome stuff. Another one which I subscribe to and look forward to each Monday, as I've binged my way up to date on all of the previous episodes.

Aftershocks: Another FateCrafters Network offering, I moved on to this one when I'd finished Lake Clarity and I love it. Riley, who has been hearing voices in her head for as long as she can remember, finds herself sent to an institution, where she gets to know some of the other patients and things seem okay, until something weird begins to happen. The others are convinced that some of the patients aren't "going home early" as the nurses suggest, but that they've actually been killed. But who would be doing that? 
There have only been a few episodes of this so far, but I can't wait for more.

Attention Hellmart Shoppers!: I think this may be my favourite of this list, despite being (from it's description) the one I expected to like the least. Hell-o-Mart is a hypermarket which is located in small-town America, right over the gates of Hell, so some of the staff and the customers aren't as human as you may expect. There are vampires on security, demons and leprechauns. Our anti-hero, Daniel, starts his new job at Hell-o-Mart and it takes him a while to get used to some of the oddities he finds there. 
Actually, this one turned out to be hilarious - it's full of witty jokes and fast-pasted dialogue and I was rooting for our band of merry oddballs to win their battle against the corporate bad guys by the finale - again, I listened to this entire show in the course of a day. 

Have you listened to anything good lately? I'm always on the lookout for new podcasts. 

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  1. I keep thinking I need to try some! All these sound fab!