Thursday, 17 May 2018

Blog Tour: Curse of the Nomed

Curse of the Nomed
Curse of the Nomed: B.B Taylor

Something a little different today. As part of Mental Health Awareness week, what could be better than taking part in a blog tour about a book aimed at children, written using the ideas of a group of year eight students, and which supports a charity which works for children's mental health..?

Here's a brief summary: 

Ancient Gods, a cursed Librarian and a battle to save their souls. How hard could the first day of school really be? Welcome to Nomed Academy! An epic adventure for three unsuspecting year seven students as they embark on their first day of school. One they will never forget. But can they really defeat an ancient Egyptian God with nothing but revenge on his mind? All net profits from the sale of this book go to Partnership for Children, a mental health charity supporting the positive mental health of children.

Although this is a fairly short read, this certainly doesn't stand in the way of it being an engaging read. Drawn into the adventure right away, the reader will follow Nora, Stefan and Jacob as they get to know one another whilst attempting to save their new school from a perilous end. As the three students, with the help of their school librarian, navigate their way through challenging situations, they begin to forma bond which will no doubt stay strong for years to come. 

I feel as though this would be the perfect book to read as a group in a classroom setting, perhaps as part of an Ancient Egypt theme topic, even though under the surface it's so much more than that. 

Keep up with the rest of the tour here: 

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