Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Messing about in boats..


In fact, the house we stayed in had boats, but the riverbank had collapsed a little, so we were not able to do any messing about in boats, after all. Not that we'd planned to. But nonetheless, the title seems apt as Oxford is after all, the home of the Wind in the Willows.


So, what felt like yeeears after actually booking it, last weekend I finally headed to Oxford to meet up with three of my favourite unicorns. We don't get to see each other that often but try to make sure we meet up at least once per year. 


As all of us have visited Oxford in the past, we shunned the usual touristy ideas of walking tours around the colleges (which was a good thing as the weather wasn't really up to much walking - cold and showery!) and booked a tour of the Oxford Artisan Distillery on Saturday afternoon, which was great. Since all four of us enjoy the odd gin and tonic, we were intrigued to see how it's made. 


The tour itself was great - we were collected in a mini bus from the tourist information centre, and shown around the distillery whilst our tour guide explained the process of making their gin from grain to glass. Their stills were made by a steam engine expert, although they were custom-made and the one in the photo above can hold up to 2000 litres. Of gin. The mind boggles. 


So after the tour, and some tasting, we spent the rest of Saturday afternoon exploring shops and side streets in the city centre, before heading back to our pretty little Air BnB for dinner and - you've guessed it - gin and tonic!


On Sunday we packed up our belongings and pottered into town once again in search of brunch and more pretty buildings to photograph.


Our walk into town was only about ten minutes and rather scenic; lots of pretty riverbank goings on and easy to see how this would work as inspiration to anyone wishing to write about messing about in boats.



  1. I've lived near Oxford all my life, but I never knew the distillery existed or that it's the home of Wind in the Willows! I've never managed to go on a boat on the Thames yet either, but I've always wanted to. It sounds like you guys had fun, though. Did you go check out the new Westgate shopping centre while you were in town? I think it would be right up your alley.

  2. It sounds a most enjoyable weekend. When you say unicorns, what exactly do you mean? I've seen you use the term before and wondered what it stands for or means?
    My friend got married at the Museum at Henley on Thames (not so far from Oxford) which has a wonderful Wind in the Willows interactive exhibition that is well worth a visit! It was the perfect setting for a wedding.