Sunday, 3 June 2018

Sunday Shoes 152: Shoely Not..


Oof, it's been rather a while since my last Sunday Shoes post, hasn't it?!
One of the latest pairs to join my collection - I've been saving up some rewards points for a while now, and managed to reach enough to cash them in for a new pair of shoes. This pair of Shoely Not has been top of my wishlist for a while now, so I didn't have to hesitate before I made my decision. 


Arriving a few days later in their bright yellow box, I eagerly unwrapped the tissue paper and took all of the details in. I don't know if these are considered one of the "concept heels", but the shape of the heart heel is one of the things which most drew me to this pair. Something completely different from anything else in my collection. 


The fronts of the sandals are adorned with fabric hearts, embroidered with the text "Love Me...", which is pretty cute and also reminds me of a pair from a long long time ago, which had "Kiss Me" on the fronts. (And also their sister pair which I've never been able to track down which said something else: "F*** Me"). 


The shoes themselves are mostly a metallic pink glitter PVC, with the fronts being made from a navy chiffon-look fabric with gold metallic polka dots. Obviously the hearts on the fronts draw attention, but so do the lovely ankle straps, which fasten with a buckle and are adorned with pearls all the way round. 


A peep toe front, but thankfully not enough of one to make me wary (I'm just not a fan of the way some peep toe shoes look - on me - ), and then the main feature...the heel. 


The heels on Shoely Not are a solid heart shape, in metallic pink to match the platforms. The heel tip is a regular round stiletto one, and the heel height measures a very reasonable (and comfortable!) 4 inches. 


As with so many of the new Irregular Choice designs, there is just SO much to catch the eye and the attention to detail is really high. They're definite head-turners. Also pretty low in comparison to a lot of my collection. Speaking of which, I'm undertaking another "wear all my IC collection" challenge - over on Instagram if you'd like to follow my progress. I'm aiming to post a pair each day. 

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  1. They are pretty cool!! I really like the heel. I absolutely can't wear peep toes as the way my toes fit means the edges of the toe push really hard against the edge of the toe of the shoe and are painful (AND my toes look awful!) I've got to find out about this points system. What do I have to do or sign up to to get free IC shoes??!!!?