Friday, 20 July 2018

Friday Favourites 283..

FF283 collage
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Oh hai. Remember me?! No, I don't know whether I do, either. But, after months of what seemed like endless....waiting, we finally seem to have had some progress with the house move and suddenly things are happening. And it's exciting yet terrifying in equal measure. So, I'm doing what I do best in situations such as these and am turning to the internet for some decorating inspirations, whilst also trying to decide on things like how soon to order a fridge in order that we have it in time for moving, but not too long in advance that we have to find somewhere to store it. Argh!

Anyhow, here are just a few of the things which I've decided on so far.

001: This week I discovered Iconic Lights and the timing couldn't have been more perfect, tbh. They have some lovely designs and seem very reasonably priced. I've decided on this light fitting to go above the dining room table - the pale blue is perfect.

002: Ever since spying them over on Erica's feed, I've been obsessed with Bramwell Brown's weather clocks. Not only do they tell you the time but also the weather, and they're mechanically animated to show you what meteorological goings-on you can expect. I absolutely adore their designs and can't wait to hang one in pride of place - probably in the kitchen.

003: A couple of weeks back, we went to Ikea for a little wander around (he went for the meatballs, I went for two picture frames) and to gather some inspiration. I've been a little stuck on what sofas I want in the living room and was hoping I'd see something which would fit in with everything else we have planned. Alas not a sofa exactly, but I'm going to find a space for this swivelly armchair. Soooo comfy.

004: I think that with this range, Oliver Bonas have pretty much climbed into my brain and come out with the most perfect combination of shelf units and desks. Seriously, I want them all! I'm starting with the beautiful Scarlett bookcase and we'll see where things go from there...

Do you have any home decor tips for me, or know of any homewares providers which I just have to check out? I'm already planning on a trip to Sostrene Greene next time I'm in Chester as their stuff is just amazing.

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  1. Oooh, I really like the clock! We ended up with two Jones clocks in our kitchen and living room and we really like them!
    Can't wait to hear when you get there!xx