Friday, 3 August 2018

Friday Favourites 284: Mermaids!


Even though the weather seems to be playing us for a fool this week, I've been lusting after the seaside. A day trip or a holiday, I'm just longing to be by the sea as I always find it helps me to relax. I think my mermaid-y wishes must've had an effect on this week's wishlist to be a mermaid!

001 and 003: One of Irregular Choice's most recent offerings; these mermaid print shoes and bag form part of their newest collection,which contains star-shaped heels. I sort of love the fact that they're moving away from their usual lucite round heel, or crazy character shape heel, and really like the star shape on the otherwise regular heel. Pretty! 

002: Miss L'Fire always come up with adorable details, but this season they seem to have levelled up. The heels on this pair of sandals are a lot lower than I'd usually opt for, but they are also in the shape of a fish, so I'd be prepared to make an exception. Perfect holiday shoes? 

004 and 006: Want something a little more demure, but still with a bit of a beach-y, mermaid-y feel? I love the scalloped fronts on this pretty pair of Chie Mihara Mary Janes. And the glittery shimmer of these Nick of Time heels would be the perfect way to finish off any summer outfit.

007: If you want something nautical but a little more comfortable for day trips, or walking through the sand dunes, perhaps a pair of flat sandals. These Miss L'Fire ones feature a cute little sailboat design.

008: I cannot tell you how excited I was to see that these Carpe Diem heels were being re-released. I bought mine several years ago, but everytime I wear them I get several requests asking where they can be bought. They've also brought a flat version out, too!

009: Finally, what could be more inkeeping with the mermaid theme than a heel shaped like an actual mermaid? I do really like these as concept heels go. Pretty cute. 

Feeling the mermaid vibes lately?

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