Friday, 21 September 2018

Friday Favourites 287..

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My goodness, the days seem to be speeding by lately. Friday again! My week seems to have been eaten up by meetings, wallpaper stripping and painting, but it's OK.

A little lunchtime browse of some of the websites I haven't visited in a while came up with a rekindled love for Sugarhill Boutique. I can't remember the last time I even browsed at their things, but my goodness I was pleasantly surprised by some of their new items. 

001: I'm not sure shirt dresses are all that flattering on me, but this one seems to be a decent midi length and the giraffe print is wonderful.

002: As the weather gets colder I live for chunky knits and this one is not only leopard print, but also super long and cosy-looking. 

003: I think this is my favourite Sugarhill print of recent memory - robots! I really don't need any more blouses in my life, but I'd be prepared to make an exception for this. I love the neck tie detail as well. 

004: Of course, I couldn't make a wishlist without adding at least one dinosaur to it. This jumper looks roar-some. (Sorry, couldn't resist!) 

Seen anything great this week?

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