Friday, 12 October 2018

Friday Favourites 290..

001 // 002 // 003 // 004

Well, that little heatwave was over quickly, wasn't it? We now seem to be in the stormy throes of Storm Callum, I think this one's called. Which has gotten me thinking about layering up for Autumn as my usual dress / cardigan combination just doesn't seem to be cutting it. 

001: I'd actually found this dress entirely by chance. The other day I was in Sainsbury's and noticed a rather lovely looking green pinafore dress, with some floral embroidery at the top. I'd planned to share that on this week's wishlist but it doesn't seem to be on the website, so in looking for something similar, I got all heart-eyes over this. I love velvet. And everything bottle green for the colder weather. And that collar. Winner!

002: This Joanie jumper couldn't be any more perfect for me if it tried, really. Pink *and* dinosaurs?! What could be better? I'd layer it up with a pinafore or over a dress and some tights as the weather got colder.

003: These Clarks shoes seem to be the same shape and style as those classic Orla Kiely Bibis, which I have in a couple of colours. A very comfortable day to day shoe if you can get used to almost-flats. I love the metallic silver leather and the fact that they'd go nicely with colourful or textured tights.

004: A much more purse-friendly version of the Kate Spade dinosaur keyring from a couple of seasons ago. This little guy comes in metallic mint green and has the same articulated hand and leg detail. Super cute addition to any bags and I think I need one to replace the dino bag charm which I lost en route to Paris - that'll teach me not to remove things when I check my luggage in!


  1. Right, I'm heading off to Sainsbury's ASAP. Want me to get you one if I see one? Love those shoes!

    1. Ahh, thank you but I'm heading there this evening to do my grocery shopping - will see if they're still there. :)