Friday, 19 October 2018

Friday Favourites 291..

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This week, although I've been short on spare time at home, I've made a little more progress with unpacking some of the remaining boxes and we've found a dining table and chairs, which we'll be off to collect soon. I must admit, I've been feeling a little blue about it all lately, as progress is slower than I'd expected, and I feel as though I can't get visit friends at weekends because I *should* be staying home to work on the house, but it's not ready enough to invite people over. So I feel sad because I'm missing friends, I guess. 

Hopefully, the dining room will at least be usable once we get some furniture in there, which should mean that we'll be able to entertain friends for dinner. And that got me thinking about other things we might need to finish off that room. 

This week's finds have all come from Oliver Bonas, where I always go to drool over the pretty homewares. I''ve also got my eye on some of their furniture, which I know I've mentioned previously.

001: I love a mirror to give a room more light and since our dining room is at the back of the house, it doesn't get a lot of natural light. This shape makes me happy.

002: I also love colourful and quirky tableware so these spoons would be a welcome addition to my cutlery drawer. 

003: I'm becoming a bit of a mug ninja lately, which basically means that I buy new mugs rather often and try to sneak them into the mug cupboard in the kitchen and into everyday use without being noticed. Most of the time it works. I love this mug, although kind of wonder if it might fall over, due to the shape of the base..?

004: A pretty glass bowl would make a lovely centrepiece, filled with fruit, or pine cones, perhaps?

005: Absolutely love this little side table. The shape, the mesh and the contrast between that and the top, which is a lovely shade of olive green, which would go with the rest of the decor. 

How do you make home decor decisions? It's so tricky!

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