Friday, 2 November 2018

Friday Favourites 292..

I'm not sure what happens but each year it seems as though once Halloween is out of the way and we can stop posting pictures of pumpkin patches, suddenly the world flicks a switch and it's Christmas. 
As I'm a bit of a Scrooge anyway, I'm not wild about the thought of listening to piped festive music for the next couple of months. 

In a fit to be a little more organised and also to avoid some of the festive mayhem, I've decided to try and get as much of my Christmas shopping done online, so this week's wishlist is a little different- it's a collection of the things I'm picking out for presents, rather than just for me. 

001 // 002 // 003 // 004 // 005 // 006 // 007 // 008 // 009

So, I see Christmas as an opportunity to share my love of shoes with other people - they're something everyone needs, so they make a great present. Right?

001: These are one of the designs from the new Irregular Choice x Disney collaboration and my little sister would die for them. She loves the movie and would be super stoked with all of the colours on this.

002: If I were looking to get her something more practical, I'd have to go with these boots. Flat, lace ups and comfortable without being too unexciting due to the animal print, these would be perfect for her walks to college etc.

003: Not a pair of shoes, I know, but I like that this bag is not just nice to look at, but practical too. One of my gift recipients is a new mum, so I know she likes bags which can carry all of her baby essentials. This could be the perfect pick.

004: My mum has always been the ankle boot queen, and I love to track down new and different brands for her. I love the detail on these leopard print shoe boots and think she'd love them.

005: Although she doesn't really share my Irregular Choice addiction, I think I could persuade her with these pretty Abigail's Party boots..

006 // 007 // 008: With a growing collection of nieces and nephews to buy presents for, I got sooooo excited when I discovered these baby shoes. Obviously the dinosaurs are my favourite, but I can see them loving Super Bunny, too. And I think the rabbit boots would work for a toddler who takes after me with her love of pretty shoes...I'm definitely encouraging this.

009: Can't forget the OH. He's tricky to buy for as he knows what he likes when it comes to shoes, but I think these boots could be a solid contender.

How do you shop for other people? I think my favourite part of Christmas is finding presents that I know my loved ones will appreciate.


  1. I do like choosing presents! I find it great fun and a good challenge!

    1. Me too, it's my favourite thing about Xmas.