Friday, 23 November 2018

Friday Favourites 294..

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Often, by the time Black Friday comes around, I've put together a long list of the things I'm planning to order, to get the rest of the Christmas shopping out of the way, or even just for me. 
This year, I've got to admit, there was just one thing I was planning to order using a Black Friday discount, as I knew that the manufacturer had a site-wide discount planned. Most of my Christmas shopping is done, with the exception of a couple of Secret Santa gifts which are troubling me, and this is where this week's picks come in. 

001: I know there are so many options about these days for reusable drinks bottles, but I do think that these Root7 OneBottles look great. Apparently they'll keep hot drinks warm for 20hours and cold things chilled for more like thirty, which I think is pretty good. They come in just about any colour, so there's one for everyone, and there is also currently a Kickstarter campaign running for a "chameleon" bottle, which changes colour to reflect how much water is inside. 

002: I feel as though this pencil set would look perfect on my recipient's desk. I love how there are a range of shapes and sizes in the pack. 

003: A little (OK, a lot) over budget for my Secret Santa, but these headphones just look amazing. A mixture of wood, leather and memory foam gives them aesthetic pleasure as well as also being super functional.  

004: Mica Peet used to be one of the designers we stocked when I worked in a little local gift shop, so I couldn't be more excited to see her work on sale at the British Library shop. This geometric necklace is a lovely combination of colours. 

005: I've personally been lusting over Lapute necklaces for so long, and I also think the attention to detail is fantastic - they'd make the perfect gifts, too. This pastel one is beautiful and the whole shop seems to be offering a 20% Black Friday discount today. 

Have you done your Christmas shopping yet, or do you wait for the Black Friday deals? Found any good ones?!

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  1. I ended up ordering the Avid Reader sweater from Joanie because I've wanted it for such a very long time but wasn't sure about spending £30 on it as everything I've had from them doesn't fit properly. I ended up ordering some tartan trousers too. Other than that, no Black Friday purchases. I like the idea of that water bottle!