Friday, 30 November 2018

Friday Favourites 295: Xmas Decor

I've never been a big fan of Christmas. I have a confession: I've never put up any decorations. This year is probably going to be a little different, as living with someone who is very into festivities means that there is no doubt going to need to be some compromise. So, I've been giving some thought to the kind of decorations we will need..

001 // 002 // 003 // 004 // 005 // 006 // 007 // 008 // 009
001: Not being too fussed on chocolate, I've always been a fan of the little drawer-style advent calendars you can get and fill with tiny treats. I also recall having a pretty felt-pocket advent calendar as a kid, which hung on the wall with a star which could be moved along each pocket as the days went by - perhaps I'll have a go at making one, one day.

002: I've always been obsessed by nutcracker dolls - one of my only festive traditions is to see the Nutcracker ballet, whether it's at the theatre or a recording, as for me it's something which reminds me of childhood Christmas holiday days out. So, I'd need to find a nutcracker doll who could guard the tree.

003: I love the rustive look of this reindeer. 

004: I don't think I'd be very good at sticking to any kind of theme with dressing a tree - I'm all about the kitsch and colourful, so these frogs would make it onto the tree, for sure.

005: This little mouse makes me smile; I'd make space for her.

006: All of the colours and pom poms - I should really work my way through my wool scraps, and get busy with my pom pom makers..

007: I spied this pretty little angel nutcracker on someone's Instagram feed the other day and have completely fallen for her - been trying to track her down ever since!

008: What is Christmas without flamingoes?! I kinda want this for the front lawn.. 

009: I love the pretty colours and the vintage shapes of these baubles. 

Maybe I am coming round to this Xmas idea after all. How do you choose your festive decor? Do you stick to a colour scheme or a theme? 

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