Friday, 1 February 2019

#365DaysofIC January round-up


I haven't really shared a lot about my new year's resolutions, although I have spent almost a whole month getting them honed and have some which are hopefully an achievable challenge.

One of the things I have jumped right in to is joining in with the #365daysofirregularchoice challenge on Instagram. A little like the shoe challenge I set myself a few years back, and the one I started but aborted last year, there is a year-long challenge going on to celebrate the brand's twentieth anniversary. I've pledged to join in by posting a different Irregular Choice item each day (we're including not only shoes, but clothes, bags and accessories as well, which is a welcome change to how I've done this in the past).


So far, I've been keeping track by a daily Instagram story highlight and also keeping a list of what pairs I wore on each day. At the last day of the month I decided it would be a nice idea to take a collective photo of my January items - which was a great idea until I got them all arranged nicely on the stairs and then remembered the lighting on the landing sucks.

So, after traipsing them all down to the sewing room, where the lighting is a lot better, here we are. I'm going to ignore the fact that until I uploaded these pictures I didn't notice that something was missing.


So, one month in and how am I finding it? I'd say this is the easiest part of the challenge; where you're so new to it that you're likely to remember which pairs you've already worn so it's easy to avoid duplication. I didn't plan any of these in advance (well, not much in advance anyway - I often get the following day's outfit out the night before if I have an early morning gym session, but that's about it). I have for the first couple of weeks in February made a bit of a list of the pairs I intend to wear, as I'm going to try and stick to a love-heart theme.

Some unexpected favourites have been the purple Otter boots - more sparkly than I remember them, and the bear face clutch bag (deceptively spacious!) and also French Fries - I'm sad to have worn them already and not be able to repeat until after the challenge. Also a little gutted I'd already "used" Shoely Not before thinking of my heart theme for February. 


I've also managed to recognise a handful of pairs which I'll probably be parting with, for a number of reasons (too big, too low in the heel etc)- so far I've listed four of them for sale on my Insta-sale page if anyone's the same size as me / interested.

I'll leave you with the list..

Day 1: Candy Damsel
Day 2: Green Devil slippers (pre-name)
Day 3: Giraffe necklace
Day 4: Don't Bite
Day 5: Striped Mikey
Day 6: Bunny Cuddels bag
Day 7: Intergalactic boots
Day 8: Rocky Hopper
Day 9: Seduce Me
Day 10: Can't Touch This (black floral)
Day 11: pre-name teal duck shoe-boots
Day 12: Easy Trapeezy (gold)
Day 13: King of the Castle bag
Day 14: Pom Pom Parade scarf
Day 15: Shoely Not
Day 16: Little Tipple (blue)
Day 17: Chocolate Banana Smoothie
Day 18: I'm From the Future
Day 19: Bear Faced Cheek bag
Day 20: 2730 (pre-name) Love You heels
Day 21: Sundae Sprinkles
Day 22: Sugar Plum
Day 23: Smiley Fish
Day 24: Glitter Fawn (red)
Day 25: (pre-name) comic speech bubble flats
Day 26: Swan Lake bag
Day 27: Octavius
Day 28: Gold Spatz ankle boots
Day 29: French Fries
Day 30: Otter (purple)
Day 31: Face Calf boots (white)


  1. What a fun challenge. Could you wear the French Fries again as long as you also used an IC bag or something? I've enjoyed seeing these pop up on Instagram. I LOVE the Bear Faced Cheek bag - so cute!

  2. Lovely idea to show them altogether. Every single time I do a group shot, I forget something, it does my head in!! I feel like I'm struggling with this challenge already, posting really late and keeping up with doing it each day is difficult on days when I'm really tired and just want to sleep. At the same time, it's good because it's keeping me active, but it is taking it's toll a bit already. The blog and Facebook have fallen by the wayside as a result...I just can't keep everything going at once!

  3. I do enjoy a good challenge like this! It's very nice to see your collection unfold throughout the year! The shoe room looked super in the IG post I saw!