Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Adventures in chalk paint..

Since I moved I have become a regular in the chalk paint aisle at my local DIY store. Here's one of the things I worked on over the Christmas break and which turned out pretty well. 

We were given a trailer-load of pine furniture by a relative shortly after we moved and it's all lovely stuff but not entirely to our taste, so once I'd furnished one of the bedrooms, I decided that I could use a set of drawers in the sewing room, for storage of notions and smaller items.

I headed to Pinterest for some inspiration and was almost settled on painting the drawers in an ombre or a rainbow effect, when suddenly I remembered how much wallpaper I had left over in off-cuts (I'd originally planned to paper two walls but ended up just doing one). 


After a little googling, I had a vague plan of how to go about this. I used pink chalk paint and grey chalk paint to paint the sections of the chest which I was not going to cover with paper - the tops, sides and edges of the drawers themselves. Since I'm lazy and didn't sand the chest before I started, it needed three coats to stop the paint looking patchy and give it a decent coverage, but you might get away with fewer coats if you were more into preparing the piece..


Once the paint was dry I mixed up a watered-down PVA glue and painted the drawer fronts with this, leaving it for a few minutes to go tacky whilst cutting out the papers to fit the fronts. Cue a lot of measuring, craft knife action (and assistance). I painted those with the glue mix as well before fitting them into place. I left the glue to dry overnight and then painted the whole thing with this furniture lacquer. Again, I needed to use several coats of this to get a finish I was happy with and to ensure I covered the paper plenty of times, too. The final touch was to add these pink crystal drawer knobs to the front, which seem to be such a good colour match to the paper that they blend right in.


I'm pretty pleased with how these turned out and have recently taken in another unwanted chest of drawers, which I'm trying to decide on a plan for so that it fits our living room, which is next on the schedule to be decorated. I might do something similar.


  1. These look fantastic, like something you'd pay a lot of money for in a little boutique.

  2. Wow, it looks amazing! Well done you!

  3. These look amazing! I love a bit of chalk paint, I did our dining table and chairs when we moved and have my eye on a few more pieces of furniture.

  4. It looks fab, you've done a super job on these, and has given me the push I needed to get my drawers painted. I spilled nail varnish remover down the front years ago and have be saying I'm going to paint them ever since...