Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Tuesday Titles 167..

Passion in the Bones: Elaine Howard
I have to admit, this book arrived at a very appropriate time for me. It's not really a secret that I've been struggling lately with a lot of things. I would never usually opt for a self-help or a motivational book, but something about this one, combined with the time I was approached about it, made me agree to try something new.

Like me, Elaine was feeling a little lost in her life. Unfulfilled, and concerning herself with the things which she felt were missing from her existence, she admits that she was feeling hopeless. Passion in the Bones is part-memoir and I think this made the concept a lot more accessible to me. Elaine explains how she found a new passion entirely by chance, and for her this was palaeontology.

Using her experiences as a guide, this book helps readers to understand how a positive focus on something they are passionate about can make a huge difference tot heir outlook on life. I mean, all of this makes sense and seems accessible to me, so I've already started making some positive changes to the way I think about things. I've found that by shifting the focus of my thoughts to the good things in my life, or even breaking it down into the good things about my day, it quickly creates a more positive way of thinking about life. Much better to be thankful for the things which are great than sad about the things which you feel are missing from your life, right?!

Honestly, I'd recommend reading Passion in the Bones, even if you think you're a self-help sceptic, like me.

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