Thursday, 7 March 2019

#365DaysofIC February round-up..


At the start of February, I decided to make a list of some of the shoes in my collection which have hearts on them, or some kind of heart or love related theme or reference in the name etc. I figured I could probably do a week or so of "love" theme shoes around Valentine's Day. 

In the end, it turned out that with a few little exceptions (like, when my Hero boots arrived and I wanted to wear them right away, although I guess they do have a heart on them, or wanting to wear my super-comfy God Mama boots for a hospital visit, I mostly managed to stick to heart themed shoes for the whole month. 


Oh, another exception was the Locky dragon heels, which I wore for Chinese New Year. 
Other tenuous links may have been my winged rucksacks - I do love these and kinda wish I hadn't worn them both in the same month, but there we go. It's likely that I'll use them again when wearing other pairs in the future anyway. 


Unlike when I got to the end of January, I didn't have a huge pile of shoes to get rid of at the end of February. I think that's probably because by sticking to the theme, I also stuck to quite a lot of my tried and tested favourites. Hearts on the Line, Clara Bow and Bessie Love are pairs I wear a lot anyway, and Blind Love (the silver flat brogues with the blue laces and red hearts) would be a pair I'd often choose if I was wanting a casual flat style as they're infinitely comfortable. 


It did really help me to have a theme for this month, and to make a list beforehand of the pairs I would wear throughout the month. Although I didn't put days to them, and I still therefore had some freedom to choose what I felt like wearing that morning, or for the following day when I was getting my outfit sorted the night before, the choice felt less overwhelming having to choose from a list of twenty, than having more than 400 pairs to choose from. So, I'd definitely have another theme month (or week) in the future, but I haven't set one for March. Not yet anyway, as it's been nice to wear some of the pairs I felt like wearing in Feb but which wouldn't fit with the theme. 

Any favourites? Here's the list:

Day 32: Red Polka Dot Blythe
Day 33: Angel Wings Backpack (gold)
Day 34: Making Moves
Day 35: Love You
Day 36: Flopsy in Love
Day 37: Locky
Day 38: Bessie Love
Day 39: Love is all Around
Day 40: Lady Bee (red)
Day 41: Magic Bunny bag
Day 42: Love is in the Air
Day 43: Clara Bow
Day 44: Rada Tilly (pink)
Day 45: Love Me Not
Day 46: Love + Magic
Day 47: Hero
Day 48: Valentina clutch
Day 49: Can Can (hearts)
Day 50: Blind Love
Day 51: Toodle Loo
Day 52: God Mama
Day 53: Summer of Love
Day 54: Thermidor
Day 55: Dotty Love
Day 56: Hearts on the Line
Day 57: Angel Wings backpack (silver)
Day 58: Featherstone
Day 59: New York Skyline 

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  1. I love Clara Bow and I really regret not buying the original pair I loved! You have some lovely ones!