Saturday, 9 March 2019

Brooch Display Boards..


Fancy another project where I made things up as I went along? My wardrobe room is one of the rooms which I've probably done the most too, installing the shoe shelves and replacing the curtains with a blind into the recess of the window. I have plans for some shelves across the window space, too. I'll try to take some more photos of the room itself, soon.

One of the things I've noticed since I moved and gained *so* much more storage space, is just how useful it can be to be able to see some of the things I have. If I can see more of my jewellery collection, chances are I'm more likely to wear a little more of it. 


After putting some hooks up around the dressing table mirror for some of my necklaces, I decided I needed to think of a way of storing some of my larger brooches. After a little time on Pinterest, I decided to have a go at making some brooch display boards. 

I bought three basic white photo frames from the sale shelf in Asda, and recycled the glass from them. I guess if I were a little more DIY orientated, I should have just made some frames, but it was helpful for me to have the backing and fixings for them, too. 

I cut up an old pillowcase, which I'd outsorted because it had a hole in it, and cut out rectangles of fabric a little larger than the backs of the frames. I then cut several layers of quilt batting out as well, to the size of the frame, and layered them up, with the fabric over the top. 

I used a hot glue gun to secure the fabric at the back of the frame and also used a staple gun on the corners where the fabric folds overlapped. It was a slow process as I had to make sure that the fabric was being pulled tight over the stuffing. 


Once I'd left it to dry for a while, I put the frames back on and the boards were ready to hang on the wall. (Let's ignore the small hiatus where I dropped one and had to glue the corner back together). 

Once on the wall, I added my brooches to them, which also gave me a good opportunity to have a bit of a clearout of the ones I no longer wear or don't think I'd wear again. 



  1. i did the same. Definitely helps you see what youve got. Yours look great

  2. Oh, I love them! I've been meaning to make my own brooch boards to display my collection on, and I think you've just motivated me to get started.

  3. They look really nice! I agree about being able to see things!!! It makes it much easier to maxmise use of one's collection!