Monday, 25 March 2019

The importance of being idle..

You can always tell a Monday morning from as the office background noise is peppered with small talk about your weekend goings on. Days trips, weddings, DIY; everyone's been up to something. So, what if you don't have a lot to share? I often feel guilty if my weekend hasn't been very productive on paper. I think it's something to do with my perpetual internal guilt; my brain is constantly telling me I should be doing more. Always more. 

This weekend was a bit of a weird one. I spent Saturday morning working on the garden - we've built some raised beds which needed putting in place so there was a lot of digging, shifting and tidying to be done around the greenhouse, and I'm super excited to be getting back to growing things once again after an allotment hiatus. The windowsills are gradually being taken over by seedlings.

Then, we spent the afternoon / evening at a wedding. Which basically translates to me drinking gin and tonic and fielding *many* questions from friends and relatives of the couple about if and when we'd be getting married. If you're not up to speed with my thoughts on this, I've rambled about it here..

In comparison, yesterday was a bit of a write-off. I was home alone and did start the day by making myself a little to-do list. And knitting a sleeve of the cardigan I'd been hoping would be finished by the time I got back from holiday. Ah, holiday - that's another reason why internally I'm feeling guilty for needing a day of downtime. People shouldn't feel run down or exhausted when they've recently been away for a week of holiday for the first time in years...right?! Well, even if it's not right, that's what my brain is telling me. 


But, in the end, I sacked off the to-do list and just let myself have a day of doing....very little. I changed into fresh PJs, planted up some more seed trays, sorted out the shoe room shelves and muddled along with my knitting pattern, all with a little background noise in the form of various trashy Netflix movies for accompaniment. And, even if my brain didn't seem to be thanking me at the time, I'm fairly sure it was the best thing for it.

Ever find you need a day of just doing...nothing?


  1. Yes... that is basically what I did on Saturday and Sunday! I refuse to feel guilty about it and nor should you!

  2. That sounds like loads to me! I do get what you're saying though, my mentality is exactly the same, I always want to do more or be doing something, but my body doesn't comply. It's hard. I mean there are days I literally manage nothing, just eating and sleeping and I feel like such a waste of space for it! There's definite guilt there and there shouldn't be, I don't know why even when I'm ill, I can't be content with resting.